गुरुवार, 29 जून 2017

glimpses from my rooftopgarden "ShivVatika" - मेरी आकाशवाटिका से कुछ तसवीरें

.Green is the most soothing and healing color . Our own home planet the mother earth is always called "Green Planet " . But ,.the serious thing is that is green chlorophyll is being sucked by the daily increasing pollution or straightly can be said the garbage , the waste , which we not only produce but uses them in those manners that today each and every minute somewhere the condition required for living being ,is being deteriorating .

all human being in world should think about this and start doing what a little can they do , and the easier one is growing plants , more and more plants . and on my part , while living in my native place ,I was so much rooted in fields , grounds , trees , river ,cattell's that the last two decades of my delhi migration I was badly missing the soil , seeds ,plants .

after so many year,s lastly now it looks like I am fulfilling my  duty at least on the environmental front . Here is a short view via pics ,
although the work is going on ...on and..on , till  the  life  ends ....

rest all in next post .......a rooftop garden can product all the veg needs. 

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